THE FORGOTTEN war, korea 1950

'I will cover that war' and my boss said, 'The war isn't going to last more than two weeks!

In June 1950, Max Desfor, an AP photographer, returned to New York after covering World War II and other troubled parts of the world with his Graflex camera.  AP, in gratitude for his arduous historic work, assigned Max as a staff photographer in Florida. Instead, Max chose to go to Korea to cover the Korean War.

The three years he spent in Korea were turbulent. Even though he was a professional war photographer, he lived like a soldier, withstood extreme cold, witnessed the hunger and the terror and recorded it all with his camera. In 1950, AP submitted twenty photographs of Max's Korean War coverage to the Pulitzer Prize Committee for Pulitzer Prize consideration, including the Daedong River Bridge photograph. The picture was awarded the 1951 Pulitzer Prize.

The 36 photographs included in The Forgotten War, were culled from Max Desfor's personal collection and his 1951 submission to the Pulitzer Committee. The negatives were made available with permission from the AP and from the Special Collections archives at North Carolina State University. These photographs were taken during the most strained four months of the Korean War, from September 1950 until December 1950.

This collection shows us the war we may have forgotten.